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Hello my name is Alice. I graduated with a First Class Degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Coventry University in 2008.  I have been tutoring in Coventry for over 10 years at various levels ranging from year 7 to A level. You can see some comments from my students on my testimonials page.

For more information take a look at the FAQ’s and please give me a call to discuss any other queries you may have.

The one to one tuition gives undivided attention and enables the student to reach their potential. The lessons will take place in a relaxed, friendly and informal manner where mistakes can be made and worked through at the student’s pace. 

A good foundation in maths from year 7 onwards can build a greater understanding of the subject which can help the students to achieve a better GCSE grade. Revision lessons leading up to GCSE mocks and exams can address any concerns they may have.

A lot of professions these days require a good knowledge of mathematical procedures and often request that employees have achieved a minimum of grade C in Maths GCSE. The career opportunities with A level maths are even greater.